My First Week On Reddit

I’d heard about Reddit but didn’t know much about it. I even had an account there that I’d never used. I admit, I didn’t understand the site that well.

I was researching where to submit short stories and came up a few podcast that publish stories in audio. I find this very interesting. There was a podcast called No Sleep that had two such stories nominated for parsec awards. So I checked them out. Turns out the podcast stems from a subreddit called NoSleep. Writers can submit stories to the subreddit, but there are a few rules. They have to be more or less of the horror variety (right up my alley) and they have to be told as if they were real stories. They aren’t required to be real. Who could prove that anyway? But they must be told in first person and even in the comments you must stay in the character that you wrote the story in.

I have a story that I thought would work nicely. I submitted it and … nothing. Turns out there was something wrong with my account and I needed to create a new one. I resubmitted and … nothing.

It was a flash piece that I posted her last week called Outside. I thought it was good. So did my girlfriend who actually told me that should be the story that I submitted. People just didn’t find it interesting I guess. At first I took the blow to my ego pretty hard. The “I’m a good writer, right?”, the “I suck and should just leave the story telling to the professionals”, the “What do they know, they are reading stories from a website.”

On a fluke, I posted another story. It’s one that I didn’t know would do very well at all. I have some reservations about it and, to be honest, I hadn’t edited. I did this really early in the day and left it until later that night without checking on it.

When I got back to it I was a little overwhelmed by the positive response. It was one of the top new stories on the subreddit and there were so many comments I didn’t know how I was going to reply to them all. NoSleep has a monthly contest and I was motivated enough to enter the story. We’ll see how that comes out.

While dealing with those ups and downs, I got to know reddit and little bit and Wow! There’s a little bit of everything there and something for everyone.

Oh, and after the awesome response I got to Joey (I’ll post it here soon), I decided to repost Outside again to see if it would be better received and … nothing. It’s either not as good as I thought it was or that’s just not the right audience.

Like they say, “You can’t please them all.”